For as long as I can remember, I've had trouble with this whole scheduled sleep phenomenon. The Circadian Rhythm hasn't a thing on my sleeping patterns. It's been hours now since the has sun disappeared from horizon, who mocks our worship of the burning star, as it continues to gaze at its infinite light. How comfortable it must be, to be the horizon. Anyway, who's interested in a nonsensical babbler? I guess that's the kind of post this is going to be. For as long as I can remember, I've had what can be assumed is Primary Insomnia, which refers to insomnia stemmed from no causal reason, it is simply, idiopathic. I might go to bed as early at 9:00pm, or as late as 1:00am, yet often I will just lie in bed with my eyes closed, conscious for hours on end, not necessarily thinking of anything, but not falling asleep. Even as the feeling on exhaustion sets in, I remain conscious. It has always been this way, the only difference is that I've come to realize, this is not how most people fall asleep. This is not to say I don't enjoy sleep, I'd bet I could sleep all day if I decided to give up on all my responsibilities, but I try and keep it reasonable. I read an article suggesting we need to be awake for a certain period of time to become conscious of our consciousness. It is possible to wake up some 200 times during the night without realizing it happens, resulting in that morning exhaustion that should have been extinguished the night prior. I'd reckon I might follow this trend, or perhaps it's the fault of an active imagination. None of my dreams have ever been all too "typical", perhaps one day I'll share my favourites. But nonetheless, this was my attempt at a segway, as my main goal for this post was to share a recent dream I had which I thought was an odd one. It's both comical, yet slightly macabre, but I guess that's what I like.

I was on a field trip for my Earth Science course (the nightmare begins) where we went to visit State Farm. Jake was not present at this insurance firm however, because it was not an insurance firm at all, but a food-troughing, animal jammed farm. Perhaps "animal" can assume its adjective definition in this situation, since all the animals were morbidly deformed. You could call them animal animals? we drove by on a bus with no roof, safari-style, driving through rural and unkempt farmland where the horses had necks so long, their heads slumped in front of them, dragging on the earth beneath. Another had a long white rod protruding from it's ear so that it's head was permanently tilted. their head and bodies were abnormally bulbous, yet everything else seemed in tact. I believe there were some other animals as well, but I forget specifics. 

Thinking back on it, why am I sharing this? A fair handful of people already think I'm secretly insane, so I guess it won't come to much of a surprise. People like to talk about the dreams that are soft and whimsical, but it never turns out that way for me. At least it's not as bad as the time I dreamed I locked my entire family and extended family in an aquarium full of escaped sharks. It's getting late, and my writing is becoming sloppy, so let's end on something beautiful. How about that horizon?


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