This one is a tribute to failed or incomplete ideas. Great ideas that never came into fruition, or plummeted from errors in implementation. The creative process includes frequent fallacious flirtations with something great, only to be disappointed with the daughter product. You feel it when you see the result, a lack of something, something – or somethings – detrimental to the success of an idea. A strain on resources, skill, drive and commitment are regular uninvited visitors to make an appearance in the doorway of my failed projects.

This cinemagraph was meant to shroud the walls in crashing waves with the word “Olēka” etched into the wall at the tip of a brush. Olēka, the awareness of how few days in our lives we remember, sort of all at once, resonates a sensation of longing and fulfillment. Do you remember yesterday? What you ate, who you saw? Would you remember yesterday seven tomorrows from now? Probably not. Our lives can be thought of as a roll of film; our memory, the final product. Years of life condensed into an hour and a half, chunks of the living experience, cut. From a psychological point of view, this is a necessary installment; to become inattentive to the ordinary, the mundane. If we were to remember every moment in our lives for the rest of our lives, how would we function? Needless arguments would become difficult to quell. Perhaps previous dates would begin to slur together. Yet, I suppose, this happens all the same. I pulled this word from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, though, I don’t feel sorrowful. These words tend to leave me leaning towards the prospective, rather than the retrospective. How do you feel?

What you see now is the product of a failed idea. Just a hole in the wall in the shape of an animal? Quite haphazard and gloomy, sort of like the waves that embellish it. A reflection of the process of creation; unintentionally intentional. By the head of the animal, typically it’s most distinguishing feature, it has become more of a blur, scribbled out, mostly due to one of my lacking skills: artistic quality. Though, I thought it sort of worked alongside my message in this case. If you haven’t by now, I would highly recommend taking a gander at the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows if you enjoyed this read. Just words on a page, yet they provide me with endless inspiration and curiosity. Whether your interest is high or dismal, I must emphasize the value of their content!

Gabby ChiaComment