Not often do I experience nightmares since in most of my dreams I give myself an omniscient perspective, rather than a member of the cast. Despite my dreams having wildly unrealistic qualities, I seem to remain ignorant to the true nature of the situation: that it is not reality. For a time, it is my reality, all aspects of distortion are true. 


Here is a recent nightmare which seems ridiculous in hindsight.

The hole in the door shows me fantastic worlds
Keeping the space between myself and everything else
I once peaked into the world with an inconsistent concept with physics
Where the bicycle wheels would roll in the opposite direction they were moving
But last night I came upon a peculiar picture
A dysmorphia of the worlds which have never seemed so sinister
Through the looking glass I came upon swamp of some sort
Where the land was quite dry but surrounded by misty waters
Transcendent I was, pulled into the picture
I stepped over the puddles in fear of the water
The shape of a fin much larger than I, revealed it's body
A human?
She waved, he waved, then the many finned creatures slipped beneath me
Just glimmers they led me to the end of the path
As I raised my head I found myself back behind the door
Watching the scene unfold
Costumed people, or were they people at all?
Mascots of various animals, multi-coloured ducks are the most memorable
Twenty at least gathered amongst themselves at the end of the path
They look at me and I no longer feel safe behind the door
They approach without a word
Marching closer they appear on my door step
But I am no longer there, I stand on the steps where I watch
As three mascots look into another world

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