The Lighthouse Keeper


The lighthouse keeper

In the darkness and solitude of endless blue,
I keep the light.
In the dampness and claustrophobic roundness of a stone enclosure
I keep the light.
Warding off the dissolute strangers who make a mess of my perilous camp,
Fending off the creatures of mythos who challenge my reign.
Far I have come, and further I will go,
To keep the light.

This story can be broken down into two parts:
My goal of the first image was to be the "lighthouse keeper", at least in my own sense as I am aware a jar is not a lighthouse. The story goes that the lighthouse keeper is rather grouchy about being assigned such a lonesome task, however, the keeper has never allowed themselves company. The task of a lighthouse is to provide safe passage in the vastness of an ocean around dangerous waters (ie. jagged rocks). This particular keeper has grown fond of his treacherous plot of land, and despises the sight of it being stained with the presence of man. Additionally, because I had to include fantasy, the keeper fends off mythical creatures who want to relieve the keeper of their work to guide unknowing sailors into their territory. The hand is meant to represent Cthulhu, since I am currently working away on an H.P. Lovecraft book. I decided my lighthouse would be a candle in order to transfer responsibility to the keeper beyond maintenance. The lighthouse keeper struggles to keep the flame lit through the attack.
In the second image, the lighthouse keeper finally decides to relieve themselves from their duties, and escape the lighthouse to explore a world that is unknown to them. Sure, this means sailors will be met with avoidable dangers, and it could be argued this is a selfish act on the keepers part, but the best stories are bittersweet, are they not?

A bit of a sadder alternative is that the lighthouse keeper believed they'd been doing selfless work, only to realize it was all in vain and there was never any danger. Because the reality was that the keeper was just a person who had imagined all these circumstances that prevented them from leaving, and was stuck doing a mundane task. 

Gabby ChiaComment