Arriving at New Zealand



Jumpsuit - H&M

Watch - Rosefield

I’m currently sitting outside on a gigantic porch of a beautiful and simplistic home of my family’s enjoying the sounds of the bellowing winds rustling the leaves. There are a plethora of tree types here, none of which are pine or maple, so completely alien to me.


Red polka dot dress - Hunni’s

Beach cover up - Topshop

Red snake skin patterned kitten heels - ASOS

After a 14 hour flight and an amazing British flight host who kept bringing me tea, I’ve finally arrived in New Zealand! On the plane I was constantly amazed by all the open spaces and green land that is lacking in Vancouver who exchanges open fields for our vast mountain landscapes. Though I do love my PNW roots, I think I may prefer this near tropic but still cool geography.

Within the less than 48 hour time span I’ve been here, I’ve already visited both the beach and the city (my two favourite photo locations), set off some sparklers, was welcomed by a the Malaysian community with a BBQ and dinner, and attempted (but failed) to take advantage of the boxing week sales. In the same vein of purchasing a superfluous commodity, I am getting a Lord of the Rings tattoo while I’m here of course, and hopefully by an artist called Smeagol at that! I’ll give a tattoo update on that later since I did also get a bigger piece done a couple months back I forgot to share.


After a couple days of staying on the down low, I’ll be heading on a road trip across New Zealand to see some more of the island with my family and hopefully get lots more photos! I originally planned to make a single New Zealand post, but after these past two days, I had to make one now! I will probably have a couple posts while I’m here so expect lots within a relatively short time frame.


Ribbed rust cardigan top - Dynamite

Checked pants - Brandy Melville USA

Brogued Oxfords - ASOS

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