Autumn tells: The first heavy rainfall tapping against the windowpanes; Crunching leaves on a silent early morning; The slow drip of coffee as it ricochets the bottom of the cup; Tree branches clapping to the hum of autumnal bellows.

Sound frequently fails to be considered the most distinguishable feature of fall, yet it encompasses our favourite aspects of the season. Our focus is far too often on what we see: the outfits we wear, the seasonal shades of orange, the dewy gloom of an early morning (in both the air and slapped across our faces). But what is sight without sound? Imagine your favourite movie without music; the crashing of waves without the sound of impact. Something would just seem.. off. Perhaps this is simply the result of expectancy. We watch as the water churns towards the bank, growing taller as the it approaches shallow field. Basic knowledge of physics suggests a sudden release of tension, an audible crash as the wave impacts the water. The view of the crash, without the expected noise of impact to accompany the motion, results in our own bafflement. We owe to our eardrums a thorough appreciation of the calming sounds of the approaching season. Although these are merely images on a rectangular box emitting light - with the accompaniment of inaudible words - suggesting no solution to our visual fixation, I can only give my recommendation. Hop into your car and drive somewhere that urbanization hasn't touched; listen to the sounds of the Autumn tells.


Gabby Chia1 Comment