"I'm going to break my little water jug" said the maiden, and as she was breaking it, the little spring from which the water came asked, "Maiden, why are you breaking the little water jug?"

"Why shouldn't I break it?

Little louse has just got scalded.

Little flea is weeping.

Little door is creaking.

Little broom is sweeping

Little cart is racing.

Little dung heap us burning.

Little tree is shaking."

"Goodness gracious!" Said the little spring. "Then I'm going to flow," and it began to flow so violently that they were all drowned in the water - the maiden, the little tree, the little dung heap, the little cart, the little door, the little flea, and the little louse, every last one of them.

- Little Louse and Little Flea, The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm